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Windows XP support has been discontinued and Vista “Extended Support” ended April 11, 2017!  Windows 8 / 8.1 was a disaster with their no real start button menu blunder.  Are you going to put your faith in Windows 10? Does your computer meet the minimum specs to run it?  Don’t worry, Linux Mint to the rescue.

Computer Pile

 Don’t dispose of your perfectly good working computer.  Give your laptop or desktop computer a new lease on life with the Linux Mint 18 operating system.  Along with the unlimited free and open source software that is also included and available (like the Chrome and Firefox web browsers, Skype, Dropbox and LibreOffice to list a few), say goodbye to Microsoft Windows!


A few of the many reasons to switch over to Linux Mint 18:

  1. It is extremely secure, stable and safe to use (no need to run an anti-virus software).

  2. Run 24/7, 365 days a year with no down time.

  3. Your computer will run faster and need less ram memory than Windows XP, Vista

  4. Works on most any desktop or laptop computer.

  5. With a push of a button, you can install software and updates to the operating system. All the software you need and security updates are in the Distributions Repository file system using the Software Center.

  6. Linux Mint 18 can be installed on just about every computer there is.

  7. Steam is now supporting many of the highly popular games in Linux through their gaming platform easily installed through Linux Mint 18  Over 2,500 games now play on Steam through Linux!

  8. Best of all, you will never have to pay for the Linux Mint 18 operating system and the installed software again!  It is all open source software and is free to use indefinitely and can be installed in as many computers as you want.

If you need even more reasons to make the switch to Linux Mint 18 , check out:

Why Linux is Better

Linux Mint Installation video (this video details the installation of Linux Mint 15, however the installation procedure is the same).  Installation is easy with menu driven instructions.  An installation takes about 20-30 minutes:

Linux Mint (Mate Version) Installation Video

You can buy the Linux Mint installation DVD from the button at the top of the page for $5.95 (price includes shipping)

Linux Mint Installation Service:

If you live in the Buffalo, New York area, we can install  Linux Mint on your computer for $49.00. This price includes the testing of your computers RAM memory, hard drive and the de-dusting of the inside of your computer. The Linux Mint installation DVD is yours to keep and is included in this price.

We also repair computers including installing new hard drives, upgrading RAM memory, changing defective laptop screens, replacing worn out fans and other needed repairs.

I have been installing and using Linux Mint for the past 10 years. I am presently working in a IT department for a local governmental agency and have been repairing and building computers for over 30 years.

You can contact Keith or John at (716) 800-1120 if you have any questions regarding Linux Mint or would like to make an appointment for an installation and/or repairs.