Linux In The News

Microsoft Builds In Unnecessary Code / Programming Complexity For Their Own “Business Reasons”
by Keith Felgemacher 5/4/17

Daimler Jumps on Linux Bandwagon
by Christine Hall 3/24/17

German automaker Daimler indicates that it’s betting much of its future on Linux by investing in two Linux projects.

Desktop Linux the best it’s ever been—and keeps getting better
by 3/15/17

While users of proprietary operating systems suffer with new, slower, buggier, more spy-filled systems, Linux users are enjoying better performance and more support.

What’s Happening With Linux in Munich?
by 3/1/17

After reading this article it doesn’t look like it’s a done deal that the Munich government is going to switch back to Microsoft Windows from Linux.  Stay tuned, there is a lot of public pressure to keep Linux in place.