Linux Related Podcasts

A podcast is a video or audio recording of a show or a series of shows for you to watch or listen to at a later time.  The podcasts are produced by everyday ordinary people on a wide variety of subjects, however the ones listed here will meanly have to do with the Linux operating system and open source software.

  • Linux Mint Mintcast – This podcast is mainly about the Linux Mint distributions, however they also talk about a variety of other Linux distributions,  hardware, and other operating systems.  They also go over the current technology news and go over listeners emails at the end of each show.  They have had many guest speakers on the show including the lead developer of Linux Mint, Clement Lefebvre and other lead developers from other Linux distributions.   Rob, Scott and Joe (Joe also does the LinuxLuddites podcast) are all very knowledgeable tech weenies and they always bring their A game to the show, with great material.  You’ll pickup something from every podcast they put out.
  •  Late Night Linux -Late Night Linux is a podcast that takes a look at what’s happening with Linux and the wider tech industry. Every two weeks, Joe, Jesse, Ikey and Félim discuss the latest news and releases, and the broader issues and trends in the world of free and open source software.  Be prepared for some very frank talk with these guys including some swearing here and there.
  • The Linux Link Tech Show – This podcast started in Sept. 2003, and is still going strong.  This group of guys that do the show are a riot to listen to.  It’s very laid back format and sometimes the conversation gets a little R rated.  Much of the conversation is about Linux, however they can really go off in the weeds sometimes and many times it’s very entertaining.  Very smart group of guys, sharing their Linux/computer knowledge with you.
  • Sunday Morning Linux Review – Sunday Morning Linux Review is a weekly show about Linux and Linux related goodness. Join hosts Mat, Tony, and Mary as they discuss the latest topics and share experiences.
  • Destination Linux – This is a fairly new podcast but these two guys Rob and Rocco you can tell really love Linux with a passion.  They bring such enthusiasm to the show with great news and information from the Linux world.  They also get some great guest to round out many of the shows.
  • Ask Noah – I’ve been listening to Noah Chelliah for quite sometime while he was a co-host on the Linux Action Show (no longer running).  This show he does now is a live call in show and he has most answers to all things Linux.  The guy is brilliant and has such a passion for getting people on board with Linux.  He also runs his own business that mostly involves Linux.  Great guy to listen to.