Who’s Using Linux

Businesses and universities are now using Linux all over the world.  Here is just a small sampling of what is going on in the world of Linux:


According to Linux.com, the United States Department of Defense is the “single biggest install base for Red Hat Linux” in the world.




The city of Munich, Germany has “chosen to migrate its 14,000 desktops to a free Linux distribution, rather than a commercial version of the open source operating system” according to a 2005 ZD Net report. The distribution Munich chose was Debian, and is said to have “considered several alternatives before choosing Debian”, settling on it ultimately because of price and the degree to which it could be customized to meet Munich’s municipal computing needs. The German Foreign Office, as well as the city of Vienna, also opted to make the switch to Debian in 2005.


In 2007, the nation of Russia announced that all its schools would begin running Linux software. A BBC report on the matter stated that Russia’s “schools formerly tended to run illegal copies of Microsoft operating systems”, but that since Russia joined the WTO, that is no longer accepted practice.



China bans Windows 8 from government computers

The Chinese state news agency report that the decision has been taking for China to develop its own operating system based on Linux. It claims that the move is prompted by Microsoft dropping official support for Windows XP (its previous OS of choice) and the security concerns that causes.


In recent years (particularly 2007-2008) distributions of Linux like Ubuntu have placed a higher than ever priority on user friendliness in efforts to capture some of the Windows market. Consequently, Dell and other mass-market PC manufacturers have taken to pre-loading Ubuntu and other distributions on their computers.

Source: http://www.comparebusinessproducts.com

Other Users of Linux:

January 2014 –  Penn Manor High School (Pennsylvania)  has officially launched a 1:1 computing program. Linux laptops are in the hands of approximately 1700 students!  http://www.pennmanor.net/techblog/?cat=69